Work Form Anywhere? Then Why Not From Mountains

Covid has completely changed the way of working, especially for software engineers. When lockdown was announced, everyone was so happy not to go to the office and continue to work from home. Days turned into months; I dont know about others, but I was feeling a little frustrated with the monotonous life at home. As travel resumed slowly, it brought my hopes back and filled my eyes with dreams to travel again!

After sitting for almost a year at home, I decided to run away in the mountains. I was confused between Shimla and Dharamshala initially. My parents are very supportive, but they were too afraid for me to travel alone, that too so far, in an unknown state. So I convinced some of my friends to come with me and they agreed after lots and lots of if’s and dont’s. “Work from Home” became a boon to us; so we could travel and work from anywhere with a laptop and decent network connectivity. We chose our destination to be Dharamshala as it’s a proper city and has well-connected roads.

Wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow.

Instead of staying in a hostel, we decided to look for a proper fully furnished 1bhk so that we could cook our own food. After much hassle, luckily my friend got a nice flat on Facebook in Gamru (the area between Mcleodganj and Dharamshala). We verified everything and got a pretty nice deal for Rs.6500, fully furnished! As it was the month of December, we knew it was going to be a little tough in cold to adjust. We did our best to optimize our packing, still carrying warm clothes. We did only a one-way ticket i.e from Nagpur to Dharamshala as we weren’t sure when would we be back. It was the first time I was going on a tour that didn’t have a comeback date.

I stayed there for almost 2 months; the experience was splendid! Every weekend I rode to some new place near the vicinity of Dharamshala. We used to rent a motorcycle or moped to travel around during the weekend. Corona has surely done miserable damage but one good thing is we can manage both work and travel anywhere in the world.

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