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Triund trek experience

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.”

Another weekend another destination! Though we had made an attempt earlier (please read A small trek to Dharamkhot) we decided to complete the Triund trek through the Bhagsu Nag route because the Dharamkhot route still had restrictions.

Bhagsu Nag entry

We booked a guide plus a night in the camp up in the Triund, therefore Rs.750 per person (which is a great deal I think). On 23rd Jan 2021, we reached the Mcleodganj market by 8.30 am. Triund is located at a height of 2850m, at the foot of the Dhauladhar range. The guide came a little late along with 5 other boys, who were supposed to trek with us. The Triund trek started at around 9.30 am; we proceeded for the Bhagsu Nag route.

Trekking, or living in an unknown city is the best way to get to know people from different cultures or cities. Instead of just walking alone in the trek, why can’t we get to know other people accompanying us and have fun together right! Hence, we introduced ourselves to the 5 boys and hailed from Jalandhar. It was their first trek and were college-going buddies. In few moments, all of us became one group and had lots of conversation, which made this Triund trek more fascinating.

The real climb starts after Bhagsu Nag. We crossed the jungle, climbed up, kept encouraging each other. Initially, due to high adrenaline and excitement, we keep climbing and moving forward. But then, you start panting, pausing to catch your breath, drinking some glucose water, and moving ahead. This was the case with the majority of people after 15min of trekking! But, those college guys didn’t seem to be tired at all.. they kept climbing up at a good pace. I was surprised at their strength. I approached Vimal (one of those guys from our group) and enquired about the secret. He told that he used to do rigorous workouts at the gym regularly. Also, they took some energy booster pill (which was recommended by their gym trainer to provide extra energy). On my request, they gave me one pill, and then we proceeded to climb up together. Halfway was conquered somehow and we saw a plain land finally. Guide told us that there wouldn’t be any tea shop up there hence suggested having some pet pooja. We had the instant Maggie which we had brought with us. Other lads had egg omelet and tea from the shop, and without wasting more time, we resumed up.

The second half was arduous as we had to climb the rocky terrain to reach Triund. Though I have done many treks in Pune, this was, by far the most challenging one. I took a stop every 5 min to catch my breath, legs started paining, felt the heat of the sun which drained the energy more. On the other hand, the Jalandhar folks seemed to have some superpower in them. They were the only reason that kept me motivated and energized to keep going up.

The camp we booked at Triund, wasn’t located at the top, but By 1.30 pm, we saw our camping site from distance and I was relieved that there wasn’t any need to climb further. We reached and helped the guide set up the tent. My energy was down completely, so decided to have omelette bread to recover.

After some time, I became normal, looked around at the beauty, and thought to myself “it was worth climbing up”. The boys urged me to go further up, see the Triund top, and come back and I agreed readily. After few climbs, I decided not to push myself harder and enjoy the views I was already seeing. So I told fellow mates to go ahead while I sat back and clicked some photos.

By 5.30 pm I came down to my base camp of Triund; descending is always easy than climbing. One guy named Robin, from among the college guys, stayed back as he had a fracture earlier and the trek had started pain in his leg. We had lots of useful conversations, about a career on youtube, his dreams. As the sunset, the snow-capped mountains became golden, the horizon turned purple. The other guys came back fully tired yet satisfied with being able to reach the Triund top. There was no provision of lights up there hence, all of us went in our respective tents to have some rest. At around 7.30 pm, we were totally starving and also requested a guide to lit a bonfire to get some warmth. As soon as we got out of our tents and looked up, we were amazed to see hundreds of stars that filled the sky. This was the best part of the Triund trek!

At around 8 pm, we were served daal chapati, aloo sabzi, and rice. Everyone ate as if they were starving for days, including me. After making our tummies happy, we walked towards our tent; it was completely dark and the mobile torch was a major help. Despite chilling cold out, my friend asked me to stay out and gaze at the stars for some time and I happily agreed. We had a DSLR with us and hence we tried experimenting with star photography. In a few moments, Vimal and Divyansh also joined and it turned out to be a super fun photography session.

Sleeping in a tent in cold and that too without a proper blanket is the toughest part. We were given sleeping bags but they weren’t sufficient to survive the cold in Triund. All the tents were so close that we could hear people talk in their tents! At around 3 am the cold was unbearable, my friend went out and requested another blanket or a sleeping bag. Raat to jaise taise kat gai bhaisahab.

Around 7 am we heard the hustle of the boys and, nind to vaise bhi nahi aa rahi thi, so decided to go out and enjoy the sunrise from the mountains. Oh, man! what a view it was! We had set up our tent just in front of the mountains and so the first view we got, was of the beautiful mountains looking at us and greeting a “Good morning”.

After spending some quality time, having breakfast, taking pictures, chit-chatting we proceeded to descend for Mcleodganj from Triund. And descending became my favorite part. It took us approx. 4 hours to reach the top, but coming down just took 2 hours! The trip ended by 12 pm but the bond we made with those wonderful souls is still fresh.

They were young but well-behaved and energetic people. I wasn’t uncomfortable for 1min also being with them. This is the best part of traveling, you meet people and make good friends with them; though the journey ends, the friendship and the memory lasts forever and ever.

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s ok. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. and leave something good behind.

If you dont wish to read full blog, you can view all the story in this short and sweet video!!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Take a Milton thermos for keeping hot water.
  • Take some instant food like Maggie, glucose and some chocolates or biscuits along with you.
  • Keep extra socks, gloves muffler. You may need them a night.
  • A goggle as the sun is extreme while trekking.
  • Invest in good shoes only with a strong grip as they are really helpful.
  • As I was the only girl, the guide dig a small hole and set up a small tent for me at one corner .So no need to worry about freshening up!

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