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Someone has quoted Fear is only temporary. Regrets last forever.

And that’s 100% correct! In Manali, the famous place to do adventurous activities in Solang Valley! Here you do the zipline, off-road biking, paragliding, etc. I have visited Manali in 2016 also but didn’t get a chance to do any of these. This time I was damn sure to do at least zipline and off-road biking in Solang. So, on the first weekend of arriving at Manali (September 2021), we planned to visit Solang and Sissu.

Hired a moped for Rs.500, filled sufficient petrol and wroom wroom wroom!
Distance from Manali to Solang valley – 14km 

Solang to Sissu – 30kms approx.

To reach Sissu, you will have to cross Solang valley first.

At around 12pm we reached Solang and peacefully had some self-made pulaav at an open dhaba. It’s an open ground where paragliders land and it looks totally different without snow. The ones, who visit Manali from December to March, will get Solang valley fully covered with snow; it becomes a major tourist snow attraction then.

After pet pooja, we enquired about the prices for various adventurous activities and here’s how it was:

Zipline – Rs.800 for two adults

Off-road biking – Rs.800 for two (it was the least price we could get, an others were asking for Rs.1000)

Paragliding – Rs.1500 per person excluding GoPro recording. For recording, extra Rs.500

Ropeway – Rs.500 per person

And there was some combo plan also where all the activities could be done for Rs.3000 or less.

I was more interested in off-road biking, so we finalized the deal and the driver started the bike. He took us to a proper off-road side with watery potholes and handed over the bike to me. The handle was so hard to turn, but with the help of the driver, I managed to drive it to the riverside seamlessly! I had to do this in Solang Valley, especially after watching Disha Patni in the Malang movie.

After a blast, we decided to proceed to Sissu and Atal tunnel so that we could return home before evening. The views became breathtaking as we ascended up and became colder too. Atal tunnel is a 9km long beautiful tunnel which opens a whole new world at the ending! The wind was too strong for us to stand there for more than a few minutes. From the bridge, take a left turn for Sissu, the right turn leads to Rohtang.

And oh Lord! It’s just heaven out there!

Things to do in Sissu:-

Sissu roads are best location to take photos. The autumn season makes the trees turn yellow which makes it wonderful!- Sissu waterfall. You should visit this closely; you won’t regret it I promise. To get to the waterfall, you need to get down from the only shop in Sissu. You can watch the path in the video I made. Reaching waterfall, we unpacked tiffin and had tasty pulao. Surreal experience truly!

Around 3.30pm we proceeded back towards Solang; one task was still pending – Zipline. We opted for the longest one i.e. 900m (the others were 700m). When bhaiya pushed me, I literally closed my eyes as I was too scared !But it was literally a fun and adventurous day! What I did on second weekend, you can read it by clicking here .

Lastly, you can visit Solang and Sissu sitting at home by watching the below video:


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