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Two Days at Kasol and Manikaran

Two Days at Kasol and Manikaran

I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.

Almost one year working from home, the second wave of corona hitting badly in India and nowhere to go. August 2021 onwards, the situation improved, the cases declined and travel was slowly resuming. As the restrictions eased, cases declined and many of us got two doses of vaccine, I decided to fly Manali in September 2021!Where I stayed, how did I manage that’s altogether another story that I would like to save for some other day but when in Manali, you ought to cover the sacred Gurudwara of Manikaran. On the way to the gurudwara, you will first cross Kasol, so both the places can be conveniently covered.

In this blog I will summarize   how you can plan your trip to Manikaran along with Kasol in the budget:

Day 1: Start from Manali and head towards Manikaran

Distance from Mall road, Manali  to Manikaran -100kms

How to reach there?

-Rent a moped for Rs.500

-Rent a bike for Rs.800

-Hire a cab. The rate depends on the season.

Hiring a cab is a costly option if you decide to stay at Kasol then the cost would go up. Hence its better to rent out a moped or a Royal Enfield. Adequate parking is available at Gurudwara so no need to worry.

Time Taken to reach Manikaran – 4-5 hours (taking short breaks)

Things to Do in Manikaran-

  • Visit the magnificent gurudwara and seek the blessings.
  • Enjoy the hot spring
  • Must have delicious Langar!
  • Visit the famous Lord Shiva temple just behind the gurudwara

The helpers at Gurudwara cook large quantity of rice in the hot spring and it is worth seeing when you are in Manikaran!

After spending quality time at Manikaran, head towards Kasol which is just 4kms away. Around 4 pm, we reached our hotel which was exactly between Manikaran and Kasol; the place is called Chojh. The hotel was located downside the valley and a little remote, but that walk was worth it!

Hotel Name –Pahadirovers

Location– Chojh

The amount for 2 – Rs.750 including breakfast

It was a decent budget hotel. We freshened and then left to stroll the Kasol market, approximately 2km from the property.

Kasol is famous for other things too (you are smart enough to understand, aren’t you!). Its also called Mini Israel as many Israelis reside there. Hence it’s worth strolling the Kasol streets.

That evening, we enjoyed doing some shopping and eating in the café.

The next day we checked out from the hotel and went for a walk in Chalal village. It’s a straight walk starting right from Kasol market. But, honestly, there is nothing much, unless you love parties and the stuff! We enjoyed the scenic view and came back to Kasol to head back to Manali. Due to a shortage of time, we couldn’t cover Kheerganga and Tosh, but I strongly recommend you guys visit there once.

The total cost of one person on this trip was around Rs.925 including petrol and excluding food of course. This budget is when you hire a moped.

And the trip ended here..actually No! We went to another hidden destination 20kms from Manali but I will reveal another story! Meanwhile, you can go ahead and read my other experience of Dharamkhot or watch my video of Manikaran Kasol on youtube!


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