How I became Travel Enthusiastic

Hi there! It’s pretty clear that you have visited this section because you are curious to know about me. So without wasting much of your time, let me introduce myself.

I belong from Nagpur, Maharashtra. I have lived a hostel life for 3 years of my Engineering in Amravati college. I was just a studious girl, who had to complete her studies and get a decent job. By God’s grace and a little hard work, I succeeded in both of them and joined as a Sofware Engineer in 2014, in a multinational company.

My passion for traveling started when I went on a Manali trip (the first-ever trip where I went so far from my home). As I boarded the train, I was quite nervous and started to overthink my decision. We reached Manali late at night, so after checking in the hotel, we slept. The next morning, I woke up, opened the doors of my balcony, and was stunned by the view! For the first time in my life, had I seen the snow-capped mountains with sunlight falling on them, making them orange in color. I could see the snow from so close! That day completely changed me and my perspective of traveling.

From that trip onwards, I saved some money only for traveling and kept escaping whenever I could.

Travel has taught me so much, like :

  • To pack my luggage in an optimized way and travel light(just take a small traveling bag with me!)
  • The journey is much more beautiful than the destination. In the rush to reach the destination, we always ignore the fun or the experience we had while reaching there.
  • The difficulties or the challenges you face while traveling is all worth it when you get to witness the breathtaking views that sparkle your eyes. As they say, “the most beautiful view is visible only after the hardest climb”.
  • It has given me the confidence to talk to people, to handle situations independently.
  • I have learned to cut down my expenses and travel on an affordable budget.

Well, that’s me and my perspective about travel! Through this website, I will share all my experience and do’s and dont’s for all my readers and will try my best not to bore you !!

If you wish to ask anything, you are free to comment here or message me on Instagram (smalltravellingbag) and I would love to answer them.


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