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Bijli Mahadev-A place full of Positive Vibes!

The best advantage of working in the mountains is exploring some new places every weekend. Highly recommended by our homestay host Niraj, we made up our mind to visit the Bijli Mahadev temple, located 64km from Manali.

History of Bijli Mahadev:

Once every 12 years, thunder lightning strikes the temple due to which the Shiv lingam is destroyed in pieces. A priest gathers all the scattered pieces and puts all the pieces using unsalted butter. And the mystery is, the Shiv Lingam takes a solid shape just like before! Nobody knows how and why this happens. There are various mythological stories related to thunder striking particularly every 12 years a Bijli Mahadev that you can refer to in google.

How to Reach Bijli Mahadev:

The best way is to hire a bike for one day at Manali.

Bike Rent – Rs.800

Scooty rent –Rs.500

We hired a scooter but the roads are full off-roading. So it’s better to have a bike in good condition.

Manali locals told us two ways to reach Bijli Mahadev:

Via Jana waterfalls, Naggar – it’s full off-roading after Jana Waterfalls, so be prepared for the adventurous ride.

Via the Manikaran road – this is the road we followed, but trust me, after crossing the Charod Nala bridge, roads are narrow and risky! I had to get down at some points as the scooty wasn’t able to proceed with two body weights!!

So you decide and prepare thoroughly before opting for either of the options to reach Bijli Mahadev.

After a see-saw ride, by 1.00 pm we reached a village beyond which you have to hike and reach the temple. We parked our vehicles at a small café cum home, freshened up, and started for Bijli Mahadev.

The hike starts just like any other trek which offers views of the valley endowed with poetic beauty.

Upon covering half distance, we came across a café whose caretakers were two little kids. They guided us to the shortcut to reach Bijli Mahadev. They said “Hum to 15min me pahuch jate hai is raste se jaakar” (We reach in 15 minutes through this shortcut). So we decided to follow the same trail.

Within minutes, we were out of breath ,face turned red and I sat on the grass facing the majestic views . I wondered “I believe in God, only I spell it nature!” Gaining the strength, I stood up again, played Mahadev’s song ,started some dance and proceeded to ascend the 80 degree hill.  Its definitely true that there is no easy way to meet Mahadev!

Slowly after half an hour hike, we managed to reach the Bijli Mahadev temple and the ohh! What a view it was! The café owner where we parked our vehicles told us “beta upar pahuchkar niche ane ka bilkul man Nahi Karega”(dear,once you reach up, you definitely wouldn’t want to come down!) and that was so true.

As soon as we entered the Bijli Mahadev temple, we were surrounded by positive vibes. It felt peaceful inside, the mind was calm, shiv lingam seemed to be looking at us. It was a mesmerizing moment.

After coming down, we had tasty lunch at uncle's home, paid him Rs.300 and left for Manali

I didn’t want to leave but good things don’t last more. After spending some quality time at Bijli Mahadev, we started descending from another route which was the actual route. The actual route seemed easier and more beautiful and I learned a lesson, that shortcut is dangerous!

Trekking difficulty – easy to moderate

Langar facility – available

If you wish to know where I went before Bijli Mahadev, feel free to read my blog on Kala-Patthar .

And if you want to skip reading and view the video, kindly feel free to watch this!


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