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A Short Trip After Ages!

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

21st March 2020; I still remember the exact date when an official lockdown was announced by our Prime Minister! It was a weird feeling back then when the Pune roads were empty for the first time in my life. Because earlier, the roads used to be so packed that after lockdown, we witnessed how much big the roads actually were. No no! Please don’t think that I violated the lockdown and roamed in the streets. We could see the roads from our society itself; it felt scary as I had never seen Pune so quiet.

Lockdown gradually began to open from June and after a brief discussion with my team lead, I concluded that there’s no way for offices to open for a few more months. Also, I was, sort of bored of making food, doing the household chores (believe me it was just 3 months and I got fed up man! ). My little sister was urging a lot to return to the hometown and after a few arguments, I agreed (obviously, because I am a good girl ). So around 15th June 2020, we hired a car, put all the necessary stuff in it, and left for Nagpur. It felt really good to be on the roads after lockdown, but, at the same time, felt sad for I was leaving Pune (my love) with uncertainty to come back.

Fortunately, my parents had shifted to a new home in April (after obtaining Police’s permission) and I and my sister were quite excited about decorating it. Days passed by and the coronavirus situation got worst. Earlier, the lockdown was strict and the cases were less and now it’s the total opposite. For someone like me, sitting at home is the biggest punishment, but, today that punishment is the only way to my safety.

But enough was enough! I couldn’t bear not going outside but was scared to go out too (you know what I mean). So, one random day, in the month of September, I and my friend decided to hire a car in Nagpur and roam around, if not roam, just go for a drive and return. Hiring a car in Nagpur is also difficult as compared to Pune as there are very less options here. But after showing lots of patience we cracked a great deal from REVV. They charged Rs.3000 for Hyundai Santro MT and up to 550kms, it was free of cost. After 550kms, we would be charged Rs.8 per km. above all the car would be with us for 3 consecutive days (all included in Rs.3000).

 “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”– Soren Kierkegaard

The transport mode was set, but where to go, that was still a question. Hence, we decided to just go on the outskirts of Nagpur so as to skip the crowd. Nagpur is famous for its hot weather, more than oranges! But, still ghoomna to zaruri hai! We started at 11.00 am in the morning, turned on the AC and some music, and started the long drive. There was a little adrenaline rush in my body because, there were so many emotions at the same time; fear of corona, excitement because I was going somewhere, sad because I couldn’t go on a long trip bla bla bla..

Talking, gossiping we were out of Nagpur and had hit the MP border road of Sausar in no time. The Nagpur Sausar highway is beautiful as it has lush green farms on both sides. There are two roads that can lead to Sausar, one is through Mogaao and the other….well. I don’t remember the other one 😉 .So we took the Mogaao road and WoW!! The road was narrow with huge farms on its sides.

I may not be able to tell the exact road which we went through as we were just going with the flow. We lost direction, but kept on moving because that’s what we were out for; to get lost somewhere in the greens. As we kept on moving, the views became more breathtaking than before. It really felt as if we had hit the roads to Matheran. Believe me, a small lake on one side, some lush green mountains at its back; the lake partially visible, hidden behind the small bushes and trees! All we missed desperately was rainy weather; had it rained slightly, it would have added cherry on the cake. But still, we stopped at some places which we couldn’t restrain to click photos.

I clicked photos on an empty bullock cart, parked beside a farm. It was damn hot out, the road was quiet. When I sat under a big banyan tree, I felt the breeze touching my cheeks and playing with my hair. On my way, I saw people either simply looking at the lake or resting or gossiping under the huge tree. I wondered how simple is the living of the villagers is. I cannot imagine a day without a fan (at least) to beat the heat and these villagers! Their body seems to have no effect on the sun; I saw ladies and men working at the farm in the burning sun.

“Life imposes things on you that you can’t control, but you still have the choice of how you’re going to live through this.” well said by Celine Dion.

I felt super refreshed after being on a short but beautiful trip.


  • Mahak
    September 22, 2020

    I loved the scenic beauty of nagpur from your lens.Good blog??


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