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A Journey to Ghoradeshwar Caves

It was more than a month since I met with my office buddies; I hope you remember Rajshree and Saumya from Pawana lake camping (if not, read my blog on Pawana Lake Camping). When I was free, they had some stuff to do at the weekend and vice versa. Finally, last weekend (27th July 2019), all three of us were free and decided to meet and go somewhere, just the three of us. Rain God was showering rain since Friday afternoon and there wasn’t any sign of stopping. Yet Friday afternoon, after having a conference call, Rajshree suggested Ghoradeshwar caves in Talegaon. It was decided that we would start at 7.30am on Saturday morning so that we could spend more time with each other. So the next morning, I woke up at 6.30am to see the heavy rain. The plan had to be canceled and I went back to sleep again.

I started with my daily morning chores when Raju called me at around 12.00pm and said “listen, this rain can’t stop us from going out and meeting each other. Common yaar, this is the best time to roam around, we can’t just cancel our plan like this.” And I was like “Tu hi to meri dost hai! Ab rulayegi kya pagli!! (you are my only friend! Are you going to make me cry now!!)“. Saumya was cleaning her room when we called, but she set everything apart and the plan was on again.

We gathered at Dange Chowk at around 2.00pm and booked Ola Auto till Ghoradeshwar for Rs.205. The feeling of meeting those friends who are just like you is so exciting! We kept talking, giving updates about what all happened in their lives, till we reached our destination. Woah! what a view it was. I saw the hills from a distance, surrounded with clouds, and beneath me, was greenery spread all over. Ghoradeshwar caves or Shelarwadi caves are located in Talegaon, close to NH4 highway, connecting Pune and Mumbai. The cave has Shivlinga inside it. Ola or Uber cabs are easily accessible to this area. To go up till the caves, one has to do some trekking, but the level is very easy.

So we went ahead to Ghoradeshwar caves and saw a small water trail flowing. There were two ways to cross it, either jump to the other side(which was risky as the mud was slippery) or put one leg on the rock which was between the water trail and then crosses it (which was much safe). Saumya and I crossed it without hesitation, but, for the first time, I saw Raju scared like a child. After spending 10 minutes thinking about how to cross, she finally crossed it with the help of a guy. We climbed the stairs, looked back and the view left me flabbergasted! It was a perfect mixture of city life very close to nature; vehicles running on road, dark grey clouds on the sky, green hills by the side and rain pouring down! I thought to myself, ‘how come I never heard about this place before!’. We paused to sense the calmness and soothe our eyes with the adorable view.

The rain stopped and we cheered again as Rain God was kind enough to let us roam without umbrellas. We kept climbing and gossiped a lot all along the way. The path to go up is very easy compared to the Visapur fort, so it did not take more than 20 minutes to reach the top. Pune has so much to offer, especially in the rainy season; who can think of such a lovely place beside a busy road ha…It felt very relaxing to visit Ghoradeshwar, and that too with such lovely souls. Cool breeze, scenic view, and a good company are all you require to spend quality time. It’s very difficult to maintain friendship once we are out of college life and it’s rare to make close friends in the office. I am glad that I have been gifted with beautiful souls right from childhood.

We sat there for some time and kept our phones aside. Everyone should try going to such places, sitting with friends for real, rather than chatting in social media because this is much pleasurable and you get to express your feelings in a much better way. It was almost 5.00 pm, we got down and booked a cab till Wakad in Rs.187. The journey was not ended here; we were hungry, hence ate some delicious starters at a restaurant and we still had sufficient time to pass. So we went shopping in the Xion Mall, Hinjewadi and it was so much fun. We realized that we three were enough to enjoy anywhere we go and a plan was almost made! By 7.30pm I was back home with a sweet memory and a relaxed mental state.

I would want to dedicate a quote to these pretty girls “You and me, we are more than friends. We are like a small travel gang!”

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  • Saumya
    August 4, 2019

    Oh meri Jaan..
    Loved it!

  • Ashish and Pratibha Kaushal (Arya's Parents)
    August 5, 2019

    Very nice mausum there. Very good job.

  • Ankit Chaudhari
    August 5, 2019

    Nice arya 👍👌

  • Yogesh Patil
    September 10, 2019

    Excellent job writing the work .. it wa to the point precise and I know now what shall I look for if I am travelling to ghodeshwar..


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